Tebryn, the Busboy of Nentir

A half-elf cleric of Bahamut. Thoughtful and quiet. He has blonde hair, and blue clothing.


The Short Version -

A young half-elf, born and bred in Shadefell. A newly minted Cleric of Bahamut.

The Annoyingly Long Version -

He is a second-generation Half-Elf, who has led a simple life thus far, doing odd jobs in the town inn to earn coin enough to keep himself entertained. He was raised by his father, a hedge-wizard and minor apothecary, after his mother died of natural causes when he was a child. Neither of Tebryn’s parents had been particularly religious, and Tebryn grew up without much care for the Gods at all, beyond paying basic service to Corellon Larethian.

Then, a few years ago, a band of orcs settled in the fields near Shadecrest, and a band of adventurers inevitably followed. This band was small in number, and called on some of the young locals to assist them in their coming fight. Tebryn was one of those who followed, and on this adventure he became quite well acquainted with this band’s cleric – a fairly pretty young human woman, a priestess of Bahamut.

He learned a great deal about combat in that following week, but was eventually struck unconscious by an orc and returned to Shadecrest to be nursed to health. By the time he had awoken, a few nights later, the orcs had been defeated, and the band of adventurers had already moved on to lands unknown.

Still, Tebryn’s fascination with the young Priestess continued, and he found himself studying the tenets of Bahamut’s faith. What he found agreed with him, and led to a new spirituality. His father encouraged this calling, and taught his son what he could about religion in general, the Draconic language, and treating wounds.

On the same night that the Tower of Waiting was first visited by the specter of Julie, Bahamut saw fit to reward his young devotee with true clerical powers.

The delighted Tebryn displayed his new abilities for the villagers while working his normal job in the Nentir Inn, healing minor wounds and surprising a few of the elders with spiritual insights. He had intended to seek out a job as a divine assistant to the Town Guard, but was surprised instead with being offered to accompany a new group of adventurers, who were dispatched by Eran to investigate Julie’s haunting of the Tower of Waiting.

He displays an interest in minor magical items; on his last adventure, he recovered a shard of some form of Crystal Ball, and the skull of a Witherling. When he finds such curiousities, he pockets them quietly, and takes them to his hedge-mage father, who delights in such souvenirs.


Tebryn, the Busboy of Nentir

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