Baser Ideals

Treasure at Kobold Hall

or The Trouble With Bloodspears!

Two weeks since last entry. Mognyr trying to tame stirge, actually succeeding. Alain fled from nightmares (and strange corresponding sores on his body) into countryside. Tebryn, the Busboy of Nentir decided celebrity, female attention, and freedom too great in current position as busboy to leave for town guard. Eran enjoying influx of new clientel due to local heroes frequenting establishment. Pumkin changes name to Vel.

Gwennifer, goliath warden, arrives from northern mountains, finds party in reverie at inn. Gwennnifer tells party about nearby company of orcs. Vel, Veyra, Tebryn warn mayor of orcs, mayor Faelsayph agrees to pay party for information regarding said orcs. Party leaves at mid-day to track them by western road.

Found, orc encampment, tracks leading away south across the road to Colon Forest. Tracks lead directly to Bloodspear tower, old orc stronghold. Gwennifer finds shit pile. Tower seems to be red herring as fortification is actually underground. Tracks lead in front entrance. Fortification is rubble-strewn and smelly. Found, tired orc company, defeated. Kobold force an unpleasant surprise, orcs apparently trying to gain entrance to fortification through kobold resistance. Kobold wyrmpriest taunts that “Skatharilarn will feast upon your flesh” before luring the party into a failed ambush. Party trounces all. Upon searching claimed ground and fallen creatures, found +1 Staff of War Mage (given to Vel), Flute of Dancing Satyr (given to Veyra)), two copper pieces (in kobold wyrmpriest’s pocketses) with emblem of Bahamut scratched crudely on, and lots of gold. Returned to town and received reward from mayor Faelsayph. Also discovered that orcs are remnants of feared and brutal Bloodspear tribe.

Fortification not explored fully.



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