Baser Ideals

The Party Meets The Sentinels

or Racks of Undead?

Party meets mayor FaelSayph, informs him of their success. Also tells him about kobold infestation in fortification, convincing him they should investigate the kobolds further for more pay. Party takes 20GP each (100 total) with understanding that they will be paid same upon bringing back details of the infestation.

Gwennifer mysteriously missing, party does not look for her.

Party leaves for fortification in Colon Forest sans G. Veyra gets gate guard excited about G’s breasts. Veyra spots movement in clear blue sky but can’t quite place it. Once in tower, party investigates first set of stairs and finds Deathlock Wights and kobold zombie minions protecting book. Mognyr tries to read book but is burned by necrotic energy. Book destroyed as wights are cut down, zombies also vanquished. Investigation of room and connecting chamber ensues, brackets discovered to have fit into wall at some time in the past. Evidence discovered that at least one zombie had been hung from a bracket by soft tissue under chin. M grins thoughtfully.

Stairs to second level descended, tapestry set ablaze by thrown torch. Fought kobolds and drakes, arbalesters stand guard. Arbalesters not orc design. Party destroys all foes. One tapestry depicts orcs in battle garb descending to orcen “heaven”: The Black Stairs leading to the House of Gruumsh. Two smaller tapestries show single orc each in full regalia. Large green glowing statue of orc in battle regalia, Tebryn and M discover it has no arcane properties, stone glows naturally. Discovered secret door.

Fortification not fully explored.



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